Hello there, you’ve clicked on the footer of this web site and now you are seeing a list of links to sites created by Bell Computing.

These are here to provide back links and improve the google search rating for those sites. If you own one of those sites you will benefit and in return you will also have a link to a list of the same sites too. The only way to access this page is by clicking on the footer, so it is, more or less, hidden to others accessing this site.

If you are interested, you can click on any of the links to view the web site it is linked to. A better page to view might be here though since it gives some background to each of the sites.

Andrew Martin
Auberge des Tilleuls – Restaurant in Haute Vienne
Delia Wallace – Virtual PA
Jordan Lancaster – Translator etc
In Frame – Photo Exhibition
La Petite Perle – Chambre d’Hote
Le Moulin de Chez Brandy – Gîtes in Haute Vienne
Love Your Maison – Gîte servicing
Photoclub La Meteorite – Photo competition and exhibition
PM Carpets and Flooring
Spanish in Sussex
Square Mile Languages
Stefan Ganther – Heritage Buildings Consultant
Terra Sancta – Catholic charity
Yo! Personal Training

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